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Eki & Osagie

I had a great experience with Dezua events. For someone who didn’t know much about weddings, I was guided in a way that made me feel very comfortable. We were able to get a reception design that reflected our style as a couple and also looked very luxurious and professional, without breaking the bank. I got a lot of compliments from guests which made me feel good on my big day.
Having great decor really does a lot for your wedding (and any event) and I’d definitely recommend Dezua Events to help you take your event to the next level and wow your guests!

- Eki

Tari & Mudi

"I" was fortunate to have outsourced the wedding planning and my decor to Dezua Events.

I walked in on the day of the wedding and I was like 'Yeah! This is it', the ambiance was overwhelmingly beautiful.

My recommendation for Dezua Events is unreserved, enthusiastic, and resounding!"

- Mudi

Lucia & Elmeka 

We spoke to so many before you, sought after so many before you, and finally found you. We do not use words loosely, so it is with utmost and unpatronizing sincerity that we state the following:

Your courtesy is of the highest possible standard; you appreciated fully the salient business principle 'the customer is always right'. This is in the sense that you find ways to meet customer needs whether you have your reservations or not; that is a priceless entrepreneurial skill.

Your sense of duty is rare in our business climate and you made your brand a delight to work with.

Your dedication pierced me deeply, so much so that I found myself comforting you in the midst of some minor setbacks;
indeed the resultant consequence of utmost professional competence.
There is so much more to say but suffice to state that you enabled the wedding of our dreams and for that, we remain eternally grateful!!!

- Emeka

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